"Oh, that would make an awesome blog!"

How many times have you said that? Many? Me too. And I actually brought a few of those crazy ideas to life...

Sure, I get it. Art directors are geniuses! Proof? Take a look at this brilliant collection of sketches and questionable scribbles by creative (and not so creative) leaders that are handed off to art directors and designers on a daily basis.

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#alinefails. How many times can my name get misspelled? Too many, apparently. This is a glorious collection of failed attempts to spell my name. And, yes, I spell it every time.

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Screw You Cupid. Let's face it, online dating has become quite popular in the past few years, people just tend to keep it on the down low. My experience? 50% terrible, 50% wonderful. A few girlfriends and I decided to highlight the terrible side of it and created Screw You Cupid — a collection of the best worst online pick up lines around.

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